Welcome to Flyers’ Lodge

Established in 1998, the Flyers’ Lodge is the centre of the Porterville flying scene – the place where every pilot feels at home, whatever the mood, or the weather. It is here where we meet every morning for the day’s weather briefing; and from where the transport leaves for the mountain. The daily forecast is up on the notice board early, and it’s supplemented by up-to-date info from the launch sites – either by ‘phone, or from an iWeathar station at launch


New visitors are briefed on the sites, the general region within which we fly; and on the day’s expected weather for this area. We also try to set a “task” for the day, both to keep pilots thinking about strategy; and to simplify retrieve services for the drivers. It’s also much safer when pilots follow a known route, and keep in touch visually or via radio.

Whatever your style of flying, or your reason for this, we’re here for you. From flying advice to a cold beer and an evening steak; from retrieve to a cool swim; and from flying discussions to an off-day wine tour or kite-surfing lesson – you’ll find it at the Lodge.Porterville

With our diverse clientele, you’ll meet old friends and make new ones; and you’ll meet the nicest people from all over the world..

The merits of each site are discussed fully at the briefings; and transport will usually cover both unless the conditions clearly rule one or other out for a period.