Paragliding training is undertaken at Dasklip – an easy launch for those who have reasonable ground-handling skills. The main advantage of Dasklip is the quick turn-around for retrieve from the landing field, the good visibility to the north; and of the designated landing field.IMG_5415 IMG_5512 Dasklip’s rugged appearance can cause some anxiety in European pilots, and others who have only ever flown from smooth, grassy slopes, but this soon disappears when the various techniques for “cross-wind”, thermic conditions are demonstrated; and when the ease with which our trainees handle their launches is seen.

The good top-to-bottom height (ca. 480m) makes this area safe for limited manoeuvres in  training; and the wonderful visibility (over 50km) enables an instructor to handle multiple trainees on cross-country courses. The good road access allows several goal-oriented landings to be planned, from 13km to 45 km, and several in between.

Hang-gliding training is also carried out here. Comments on this by a hang-gliding instructor will be posted soon.